We are closing out our studies......until further notice all studies are $1 each. Just list the codes of all that you want to order and we will charge you for only the ones we can send. Hurry --- they are going out of stock fast and will not be reordered!!

The China Decorator Library has close to 1000 studies available. These studies make the perfect gift, for china painters by china painters. The studies by each artist are listed under his/her name along with the price and code for each individual study. All studies are in full color and most are 8 x 11.

Search for the desired studies by selecting one of the following sections:
Sonie Ames Jayne Houston Karla Humphrey Pendleton
Ella Mae Boothe Helen Humes Geraldine Rarick
Skippy Clark-Vershure Betty Humphrey Jean Sadler
Ann Cline Barbara Jones San Do
Collector Studies Old Masters Carlos Spina
Mary Dougherty Donazel Meyer Margaret Vinson
Miguel Gimenez Glorianne Michels G. Marie Wilson
Beth Grubb Camille Muller Marcella Wing

These studies make the perfect gift, for china painters, by china painters. Remember to add postage, handling and sales tax (CA residents only) as applicable to your order. Use our handy electronic submittal form. Please, no returns without previous authorization.